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Gifts Worth Giving

It was said by a very uncommon fellow that, to paraphrase: from what we get, we can make a living, but what we give makes life worth living.

Otters Pond B&B

trumpeter on pond-orcas island

So this year we decided to put a little spin on Gifts that have a simple WOW factor as we lead you toward the pleasures of the gift of a new travel experience. A gift certificate is a perfect gift for loved ones who don’t really need anything material. A gift to a new or beautiful destination is a gift that will be memorable. Orcas Island is the perfect getaway for those seeking peace and quiet, a place to escape the hectic daily pressures of work, traffic, and noise. It is the opportunity to be in nature and experience the sounds of birds, waterfalls, and the sound of your own footsteps as you walk in the forests of Moran State Park, Obstruction Pass State Park or Turtleback Mountain Preserve.

Today a guest wrote in one of our guest books that that Otters Pond B&B is “A Bit of Heaven on Earth.” He loved the pond, the birds, our location near Moran State Park, our “great breakfasts and hospitality”. He enjoyed Orcas Island and his stay at Otters Pond B&B so much that he is returning in the spring to search for a property to purchase. Praise like this makes us proud and happy as we strive to help our guests experience Orcas Island by sharing our favorite things to see and do here. Some just can’t help falling in love with our island. He said Orcas Island was so beautiful he felt that he was in a “huge park with a village and a few residences”.

Otters Pond is a gift we gave ourselves nearly twenty years ago continuing to share it with our guests.

A gift certificate to Otters Pond B&B will make a loved one happy and so grateful for the opportunity to visit a wonderful island destination.  Gift Certificate