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Turtleback Farm Inn
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(Wed., October 21 @ the Public School Cafeteria)

Charles, owner of The Kitchen once again goes all out to prepare and serve lunch at our public school. Parents are encouraged to have lunch with their kids and the community is also welcome, and in anticipation of many members of the community coming to lunch on October 21, the school is preparing for a crowd.
Community members who do not have kids in the school are welcome and are asked to come between 12:15 and 12:45 when most of the kids have been served and on their way back to class.  It will be quieter and roomier and there will be plenty of food for you, we promise!  On the menu is oven fries and carrot chips, meat balls (regular and veggie) with plum ketchup, cucumber dip and rice, topped off with pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert.  Cost is still just $5 for adults and that includes a trip to the salad bar and a beverage.


(Saturday, October 17 @ Camp Orkila)
Our Fall Festival will be from 1:00-5:30pm. We’ll have hot dogs, soup, chili and cider to warm you up.  You’ll be able to participate in pumpkin carving, cider-pressing, face painting, archery, climbing at the Climbing Tower, games, and much more! This is a family event, thus we would like to encourage all children and groups to be accompanied by an adult, and remember that there will be families including small children in attendance. All food and activities are free, so come on out and join us for some autumn fun!

An Evening of Art and Music


Niky Roehreke’s first solo exhibition “Observations” is a collection of artwork, drawings, studies and work in progress that she has produced during the last five months on Orcas Island. There will be an Art and Music opening on Saturday, Oct. 10 from 7 to 10 p.m.  at Orcasong Farm, 280 Dolphin Bay Road. The evening will feature collaborative art, live music, poetry reading, story telling and more. Food and drinks will be provided by Gil Becerra.

Roehreke is a Japanese/German artist who moved to Orcas from Brooklyn, New York. This exhibition presents the first works influenced by the transition from a big city to island, the shift of consciousness towards plants, food and people.

Orcas Film Festival is back for second year

Orcas Island is on the cutting edge of cinema.

During the second annual Orcas Island Film Festival, viewers will be treated to award-winning, independent and studio films and documentaries from 17 countries.

“The majority of these films haven’t come out yet – they are early views,” said Seattle International Film Festival Artistic Director Carl Spence. “It’s sort of surprising how many amazing films we have. I am very impressed with the caliber of the line-up.”

Spence says many of the films are Academy Award contenders and will be in the New York Film Festival just prior to their debut on Orcas.

The Orcas Film Festival is presented by Orcas Opens Arts co-presented by the Seattle International Film Festival and runs Oct. 9 through 12. The films be shown at Seaview Theatre, Random Howse and Orcas Center. A full schedule of films, ticket information and more will be available at by Sept. 24.

“We are keeping the same format as last year,” Spence said. “It worked really well. But this time we have more top tier films.”

There are a total of 30 films from places like the U.S., Canada, Chile, France, Iceland, Ireland, Iran, Jordan, Mexico, Spain and Taiwan. Some of Spence’s favorite selections are:

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$5 Million Gets You a Washington Island With Totems and Trees

reef island for sale

Want to go off the grid? Why not just head off the mainland? For $5 million, you can buy your own Washington island near Orcas Island, plus a cabin designed by an internationally respected wood carver.

Famed artist Dudley C. Carter built the tiny cabin for the owners of the 5-acre island in the 1970s. The Canadian-born Carter grew up among theHaida and Kwakiutl people in northwestern Canada. After moving to Washington during the Great Depression, he began wood carving, choosing Native American gods as his subjects. His work was subsequently commissioned for the 1939 World’s Fair in San Diego, and his totemic carvings can be found around Washington and California.

“He was a tough and wiry guy,” says listing agent Wally Gudgell, who knew the artist. Carter died in 1992 at the age of 101.

As you paddle toward the island, a wolf and a thunderbird—two totems that stretch above the cabin’s steep roof—stand vigil. The door is carved in the shape of a bird and opens toward the water. Inside, the cabin is simple. It has a brick-and-stone fireplace, two tables (one made of stone and wood, the other just wood), a few built-in shelves, and a fire pit for cooking. Out back is an outhouse with an owl and moon carved onto the door.

The island—which has minks, deer, and otters, as well as a variety of trees, including juniper, marjoram, cypress, and hemlock—has been on the market for over 120 days, but Gudgell isn’t overly concerned. “There’s no real buyer profile for the islands,” he says.

He should know—he’s lived on his own island in the area for 20 years and has been selling them for even longer. Many of the islands in the area are used seasonally by people who enjoy fishing, island life, and solitude.

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New Baby Orca for L-Pod

l pod orca whale calf

This new baby orca is the fifth Orca whale calf born since to December 30th into “the Class of 2015,” as whale watchers are presently calling the Southern Resident infants — the populace remains at 82 individuals, with its 83rd, Lolita, now (still) in Miami Seaquarium.

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Orca Pod Close Kayaking Encounter

A kayaker had the rush of a lifetime when an orca pod of around 30 orcas encompassed her tandem kayak mere feet off the shore of San Juan Island, in the upper northwestern corner of Washington State.

“We are in whale soup. There’s one coming swimming right under our vessel, oh my God!” said Michelle Feis to her guide as an killer whale swam not three five from their kayak.

The experience happened Aug. 26 close Roche Harbor on San Juan Island, and was just recently posted on YouTube, alongside a second feature of the orcas.

Feis said she was shaking and terrified as the awe enspiring creatures came so close.

“I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing. It was a dream come true … they gave me the most exciting day of my life.”

A Stand Up Paddleboard First

paddle boarding orcas island

Man circumnavigates Orcas on paddleboard

A paddleboarder for many years, Emery had long dreamed of accomplishing this feat.  At 6:45 a.m. he left with his paddleboard from the Rhodes family property on White Beach and headed toward Obstruction Pass.

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New Jazz Festival


The Orcas Island music scene is about to get a whole lot jazzier.

“It’s so exciting, I just can’t wait,” says local musician Martin Lund. “It’s going to be a lot of fun!”

Lund has orchestrated a new annual Orcas Island Jazz Festival this Labor Day weekend, a three-night celebration featuring musicians from Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo as well as from Seattle.

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Racing clinic held in West Sound


Sail Orcas and Orcas Island Yacht Club hosted an advanced racing clinic on West Sound Aug. 17 through 20. Twenty-two sailors from Friday Harbor, Everett and Orcas high schools participated in the  four-day clinic, which focused on boat handling, boat speed and short course collegiate style racing tactics.

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